Thursday, December 31, 2009

See how I go...

I've been thinking about resolutions. Usually I don't bother, because I'm not committed to making whatever change I think I need. This year is different. I'm not content to just exist. I want to make conscious choices. My sister and I watched 'It's A Wonderful Life' last night, which could be why I'm thinking about this.

I'll be 28 next year. That's a pretty grown-up age. I feel like I should be more responsible, start doing things to help others. Stop being selfish.

The last few months I've lost a bit of weight. This has made me proud that I achieved something and hopeful that I can do the same in other aspects of my life. I have a little more weight to lose, so that is one of my resolutions for twentyten.

Another one is to get fit. I would love to run the half marathon in the City to Surf in August. That's 21kms. Currently I can run about 4kms. I have a fair bit of work to do with this one and I've been thinking I should just be aiming to run the 12km fun run, but I want to aim higher. I refuse to be disappointed with any improvement over 4kms. 21kms would just be the icing on the cake....the running cake...

As I've already mentioned, we're going to NY for Christmas. I want to save as much money as I can for this. I've been saving since the end of June 09, trying not to spend money on anything unnecessary and making sure I put some money away each week. It's really hard to save and still pay bills! I want to be a super saver. I'll find joy in things that don't cost money, like good health, gardening and spending time with loved ones.

Those are a few of my resolutions. I have some other more personal ones, but I think it can all be summed up as being a better person to myself and to everyone around me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

I love Christmas. I like the presents side of things, but mostly I like being with family and friends, consuming beautifully prepared food and drink.

This year I've found it difficult to get my Christmas cheer happening. I flew back to Perth a week ago and I've mostly been busy getting used to being back home.

Aside from that, I'm dead keen to cover our house in paper chains and other homemade decorations. My sister suggested a Bare Christmas next year. Homemade everything. Gifts, decorations, food. I love the idea, but it will have to wait for the year after because.....

next year we're spending Christmas in Nu Yawk. Look - I punked up the name, made it a little more edgy, more rock n roll.

I'm really looking forward to it, even though it's a year away and we have some fairly stern saving to do. There are so many things I want to do there and a lot of them involve food. I can see myself getting pudgy. But then again, maybe not. Court has picked up a book that is filled with different walks you can do around NY. Will it be too cold to walk around outside? It'll be a type of cold we N-E-V-E-R get in Perth.

Anyway, I've been dreaming about NY and all the things we can do, how long we can afford to stay there, if we could hire a car and drive up to Boston for a few days... I feel a little bit like the country kid visiting the Big Smoke for the first time. I suppose it's like that, because Perth isn't exactly known for its skyscrapers and nightlife. Perth is a good place to get a good night's sleep.

I will ooze Australian tourist fo' sho.

Do you know what else I love about Christmas? Christmas films. My favourite is Elf.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

30th October 2009

I'm in sunny Broome. I've been wanting to blog for a few days, but the website is blocked on the system at work and the only internet available at the resort is in the pool area. Which is where I'm sitting now.

I don't really have anything exciteing to say. I just felt like diarising again.

I've been here for three weeks. Work is good. Weather is warm. I'm eating well and exercising nearly every day.....AND I'm not drinking. Hi, I'm Jane and I've been sober for 21 days.

So, I'm being super healthy.

I'm missing everyone more than I did last year when I was here. I'm not really sure why that is. I miss Court a WHOLE lot. But I also miss my family and my friends. I have acquaintances up here and an aunt, but I really miss having people around who know me well. Do you know what has surprised me the most with the whole 'missing people' thing? I really miss the girls at Shents. Last year, I liked the idea of being the only one in the school who did my job - I felt like more of an expert in my field. This time around I REALLY miss the morning and afternoon chats and the 'debriefing'. I love being able to vent to people who understand my work.

I’m much less socially active up here. I think it is probably a good thing. We go out so much in Perth and some weeks I barely have time to scratch myself. Here, I may have one or two social outings a week, and that’s a busy one. It feels good to take the time to unwind. Tonight I’m going to a barbie at a friend’s place and tomorrow night I’m going for an early dinner and then to see some local theatre with Kirsty…..look out, weekend, here I come…

As a result of having less people to entertain me, I’ve been writing lists and trying to organize some things. Christmas, for one. I’ve written a list of people we have to buy presents for. I just need to think of what to get them, and then I’ll write that down too. My sister and I have also decided to hold a Girls’ Night In in February, so I’ve started taking down ideas for that. I have quite a few so far.

I think I’m focusing more on aspects of my life. I mean, I’ve only been here three weeks, but I’m thinking more about myself as a person and the sort of person I want to be.

I’m terrible at saving money. I know it. My mum knows it. Court knows it. We talked about it the other day and now I’m really making an effort to hold on to it. I only got paid yesterday, but if I can stop being so spendy, I might have some cash to show for it at the end of the fortnight. To help myself, I’ve made a little poster and stuck it on the fridge. It says: All you need is love. So every time I feel the need to buy something, I can look at it and realize that I have everything I need. Basically, I need to stop being so materialistic.

As well as trying to save, I’m also thinking about what sort of work I might like to do when I’m finished with interpreting. I have a rough idea of something, but it isn’t really its own job (I don’t think) and it sure wouldn’t pay much. I like the idea of working backstage in a theatre. So maybe ‘backstage crew’ is what I’m after? I don’t know. I like the idea of organizing stuff on the night of a performance and making sure everything and everyone are in their places. But I don’t want to be as responsible as a stage manager….more of a general helper…..I’ll have a bit more of a think…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last Perth post until Christmas.

This will probably be my last ramble before I hit the offensively sunny Broome next weekend. I'm looking forward to the change of scenery in terms of work, but I'm going to miss everyone so much - especially Court.

I braved Whitfords yesterday to get some summer work fashions....yes, I'm even fashion forward at work...ha! I'm really not. Anyway, I slipped my pasty legs and feet into some shorts and sandals and walked out having saved $55. Which I then promptly spent on dinner last night at 2am in Northbridge.

There's something about late night Chinese in the stinkiest suburb with your best friends. I love it. I also loved the free lychees and orange wedges we got for dessert once the staff recognised Court.

So.....this weekend will be full of cleaning my best friends' new house in preparation for fresh paint and carpet. Court and Sharn will be Telethoning it in all weekend, so Kes and I will do girly things like scrub walls with sugar soap.

And the whole weekend I'll try not to spend any money.....yeahhh....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Shop.

I want to own my own shop. I will sell secondhand things. Clothes, books, household items and maybe I'll make my own cards and sell them too.

There'll be a little garden out the back with a table and chairs where I can eat my lunch. My friends and family can drop by for a cup of tea and we'll chat while customers are browsing.

I'll have complimentary tea and Court's choc chip cookies for weary shoppers, which they can enjoy in the garden. In the summertime I will serve iced tea.

I'll play whatever music I like inside and I'll wear whatever I feel like wearing. I might have themed dress up days to make it more interesting.

My wares won't be overpriced. People will look at the prices and say, "Goodness me! Buying secondhand is a great thing!".

I'll need a good name and location for my shop. Maybe I'll call it 'Hot Tamale', after my favourite nail polish. And location? I'm not sure yet. Somewhere nice, but not too bustling.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I found some of our wedding photos!

Three of my favourite photos from 7th October 2005

I can't find no photos, y'all.

The time between these posts is going to keep lengthening, I'm thinking. But I guess if I write whenever I feel like it, then that's enough. I've just made a fresh coffee and it's 8.20 on a grey Sunday morn.....I'm ready to get my typing fingers on.

It's been a busy few weeks. That's kind of a dumb way to start, because when is it not busy? Anyway, the end of term at the end of this week will bring two glorious weeks of sleeping in and pottering around the garden. We're hoping to head down to Yalls for a few days in the first week. The second week will be hanging at home with family and friends before I head off to sunny Broome for ten weeks.

Yes.........back to Broome. Things I'm looking forward to: the weather, seeing my friends up there, the job and saving money. Things I'm a whole lot less keen on: spending 10 weeks away from Court, missing his 30th, missing my Perth buddies and missing my favourite ladies at Shents.

So it's gonna be interesting. It always takes me a week or two to settle back into living alone. I have grand plans for becoming very well read and saving lots of money in term 4. We'll see how that pans out. The money thing worries me, because Christmas is always a blow-out. It doesn't matter how good my intentions are - I always seem to spend too much. I would love to have Christmas as an intangible-gift-giving day. Give laughter, hope, love and if you have to give something more tangible, then maybe a home-cooked meal or a bottle of your favourite wine to share. That would be my ideal Christmas. Ten year old me would fucking hate the idea.....

And now for something completely different: I can't wait for the Beyonce concert this week. I can finally let my inner black run free with lots of, "girl", "mm-hmm", "oh nigga please" and "true dat". I might also throw in a "no shame" or two to give it more of an Australian feel. I'm going with Kate and Kes and we've got a strict hoochie mama dress code. At the very least, bling must be present. I love the idea of cocktails and food pre-show, but money is tight so it might have to be a beer and Vegemite sandwich before we leave home.

I was going to end this post with a nice photo, but I can't find any. So this is my super smooth sign off.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lady looks like a dude.

I look like a dude this morning. My fringe is pushed back and it gives me a harsh mullet look. Lucky Court is still asleep or I think he would be grabbing the divorce papers out of his bag and smoothing the crinkles out. The only time he would accept me in dude-like form is if I looked like Paul McCartney or Gavin Miller. I look like neither of these fine gentlemen today.

I'm not too fussed. I plan on spending the day in the garden, pulling out monster weeds. I don't need to look pretty for that. I'm saving my pretty up for Pauley and Zabrina's wedding tomorrow. I love weddings - not just for the food and drink, although that does get me quite excited. I love how everyone is so happy and how proud the parents of the couple are. I love sharing in what will probably be in the top ten best days ever had by the couple.

I'm such a girl. Although I don't look like one right now.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things that happened this week.

It's been a while (Chad Kroeger style) since I blogged. I lose track of time and then I'll wake up one sunny Saturday morn and decide it's a good time to do it because the house is still asleep. By the way, 'the house' isn't a nickname for Court - I just mean that all is quiet.

Here's what happened this week:

1. Bleu's 'A Watched Pot' FINALLY arrived. Well, it arrived last week, but I had a good long listen to it on my travels to and from work this week. Hoo boy. It's a keeper. I love it more every time I listen to it. The attention to detail really is incredible and I keep hearing new bits.

2. My new positive zen-like hippy attitude FINALLY arrived. I've been telling myself in the car each morning that I will spread the love, be the love, receive the love and be positive to everyone I see. It's sort of working. Maybe I shouldn't say 'receive the love' though, because it sounds pretty gay.

3. My MJ t-shirt FINALLY arrived. It's every bit as beautiful as I imagined.....and also too big. So I gave it to Kes and it fits her perfectly. See? Spreading the love already. I ordered a new MJ t-shirt from Threadless, where I know what size I am.

4. Court gave me two (2!) Aerosmith t-shirts in return for me promising to clean up my side of the bedroom this weekend. It's too hard to resist a bribe of that stature, so I'll be Sadie-ing up my side today and tomorrow.

5. Herbie the tigerkittenkat passed away. Very sad.

6. John Hughes the super writer/director of my favourite films in high school - even though I wasn't in high school in the 80s - passed away. I still wish 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' was real life and I lived there.

7. Court and I went to The George last night and bumped into Pauly. Or is it Pauley? I don't know how to spell it. I could just say Paul, but it sounds too formal and I'm saving that for his wedding day on the 30th. It was great to see him and catch up on what's happening. He is the loveliest person and I'm excited that I get to see him and Zabrina get hitched.

8. I bought tickets to Gomez. It'll be at the Fly By Night (one of my favourite venues - everyone is so friendly there) and we're going with Kieran and Jill.

And that concludes my week o' thingz.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

14 degrees tomorrow - fo' shiz y'all?!

Last day of holidayzzzz. It's been a meandering one. Lunch at pub. Washing in machine now. I should tidy up my side of the bedroom a bit, decide what I'm going to wear tomorrow....

I'm looking forward to seeing the girls from work again. I've missed Kelsey while she's been in Syd-oh-ney and I always like to see Jacq. I thought I would be a bit more eager for term 3, but I'm not. What is with this funk?

I've found something that may or may not help me save money. Websites with beautiful shoes, bags and jewellery. I like looking at things I would like to buy, but am not allowed to. I'll see how it works out for me in the long one. It might just make me a cranky old maid.

Along with the abstaining from spending, I have created my own alcohol ban. I was particularly pickled on Friday night, which led to a tender Saturday on the couch in front of the telly. It was a waste of a day and my body was really unhappy with me. It made me think about what I should be fuelling myself with and what I react well to. I think my body and I may have become friends again, but only because I've promised to start putting stuff in that it likes. I think my body prefers fresh fruit and veg, the odd bit of seafood and a whole lot less red meat. This is not to say I'm going to become a strict vegaquarian-and-soft-drinks girl, but it is high time I grew up and started eating freshness that doesn't bloat me or make me feel gross.

There's going to be an early night for me, so I don't fall asleep during very important professional development seminars tomorrow. I'm not being sarcastic - they're quite important and I always seem to get super sleepy and HUNGRY during them. I usually take food in with me to quell the loud stomach monster that comes alive two hours after I've had breakfast. I generally like PD days if it's an interesting PD. Especially because I don't have to wear freaking black. It's the one work day I get to wear jeans and a rock t-shirt.

Actually, jeans and a rock t-shirt make any day good. I wish I could change our uniform to that. Christmas bonuses to people with really rad shirts. Like Aerosmith. Ooh, I want an Aerosmith t-shirt now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday morning, not 3am.

I only have a few days of holidays left. It has gone so super fast.... crazy. Most days have been spent lazing about. I haven't felt particularly proud of this and when I pointed it out to Court, he said that it's the only time I get to do it so I should enjoy it. I guess that's true, but I did have high hopes for fun projects these holidays and I haven't done anything.

Also, I'm trying really hard to save money and being the insane spender that I am, I'm terrified to leave the house and go anywhere near some shops in case my hand hijacks my purse and empties its contents. I didn't even window shop for shoes yesterday at Karrinyup because I was worried I would see a pair I love. I'm sure saving money must be like eating healthy food or going to the gym: once you get into the routine, it's easy. I hope it's like that, or else this whole saving exercise is going to be a drag...

Speaking of saving and spending, I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo. I'm just quietly mulling it over for a while to see if it's a phase, because I've been fairly unsettled with work and whatnot lately and it could just be a seachange frame-o-mind I'm in. I've been pondering it for about four or five weeks now and I'll leave it for a few more months before I see where my head's at..... and I'm saving anyway, so I shouldn't be spending on non-essentials. It could just be an indication of my brain at the moment, but where most people tend to think of tattooing as something that is permanent and therefore you should think about how you're going to look as an old codger with a barbed wire armband etc, I think more along the lines of life not being as long and tedious as we may think so you should go out and experience things and worry about more important issues than your wrinkly, old tattooed bits....

Is it just me being a fucking hippy or is that an okay way of thinking?

Other things: my little sis got into nursing at uni. Go Miss Kate! I'm really happy for her and for the nursing profession, because I don't know anyone better suited to being a nurse. She's the most caring, thoughtful person I know. Actually, she's on par with my husband. But he gets erked by blood and stuff, so she will definitely be a better nurse.

And while I'm on the topic of my sister, I might just briefly mention my trip down south last week. I went for a few nights to say hi to ma and pa and Kate. On the last night, Kate had her usual Tuesday night dinner at a friend's place and she took me along. They wined me and dined me and were so welcoming, even though Heather had flown from Darwin to Perth and driven from Perth to Dunsborough that day AND with her baby too. She's lucky to have such wonderful mates and I was lucky to experience their loveliness.

Jobs for today: shower, washing, make a roast pumpkin salad for dinner tonight. It's going to be a grand day because this list is easy and the weather is wonderful.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My house is asleep.

Good morning, sunny Sunday.

Everyone is asleep here. Court tucked up in bed. Shaun and Kes tucked up in the back room. Charlotte tucked up outside. I promised I would make breakfast for them today - a caramelised onion, silverbeet and goat's cheese quiche, as Kate and I did last week. They all went to bed about 6am, so I have plenty of time to chill before I get cracking.

I love Sunday mornings. It always seems to be sunny and still. Full of opportunity, until I realise it's 3pm and I've been sitting around in my PApjs all day. At the moment, it's 9.32am and still full of promise. And I'll be going to the shops soon for baking ingredients, so I'll have to get out of my pajamas.

Right now, I'm going to have a sniff around my veg garden and see how everything is coming along. I know one beetroot and one snowpea who should be almost ready.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Things I am grateful for.

... in no particular order.

My family and friends. I'm extremely lucky to have them all and sometimes I forget that.

Where I live. The 'Wood, Perth, WA, Australia --- all good. Beautiful weather, people and freedom to do and think whatever I want and work wherever I want.

My husband. Technically he comes under family and friends, but special mention to the one person who knows me very well and continues to love me and live with me.

The vegetable garden. A place to weed and contemplate. A place that produces fresh food.

My upbringing. Ma and Pa Price did a wonderful job with all three little Prices.

My body. It all seems to work well together and keeps me walking and talking and thinking and feeling.

Music. And the joy it brings. Love Is Free by Sheryl Crow is making me jump up and down with all it's goodness at the moment.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

first day of holidays

Because I work in a school, I only ever have ten weeks of work between holidays. I do remind myself how lucky I am and I think I could go longer without a break if I had to - everyone else seems to do it in their office jobs. However, I have come to the realisaton that I get awful cranky towards the end of the ten weeks. I BARELY lasted the whole ten this time.

We went and saw Simon & Garfunkel the other night with a select few from our family and I'd been looking forward to it for so long. It was a truly wonderful evening, but I just felt so tired and rundown. All I wanted was to be tucked up in bed.

And so, I'm sorry to my lovely family and friends. I'm glad y'all still put up with me.

I've woken up this morning to the first day of a two week break. There's a sun muted by clouds outside and I'm sitting in my pjs writing a much overdue blog because there is nothing good to watch on Lifestyle Food. I'm not a Masterchef fan.

Court is fast asleep, but I can smell that he was hard at work last night: there is a slow cooker full of ribs bubbling away on the kitchen counter. I am excited about lunch! Court seems to have a renewed interest in cooking, which fills my heart with joy. Last night we made pizzas together. He made the dough and it was the best pizza base in the entire world - crispy AND soft.

I sort of coerced Court, Kestin and Shaun into entering an audition tape for a family cooking competition show. I got a call yesterday to say that we're in the WA final audition. I think I was the only excited person in our team. The audition is next Saturday in the middle of a shopping centre and if we get through that I think we go into the national competition in Sydney. I think it will be lots of fun - I love cooking with these people - but the others seem a bit apprehensive.

Soooo.....plans for these holidays?

I thought about going to Yalls to visit the mama and the papa and the lovely Kate, but I'm feeling like I may need to chill out at home and potter around here. The vegetable garden is coming along (we used some spinach on the pizzas last night) and I'd like to spend some time in it, doing some weeding and contemplating. Maybe I'll plant some of the deliciously spicy salad leaves that Kestin has.

Immediate plans are ribs for lunch with Court and Dan (they had a sleepover last night), breakfast tomorrow with Kim and Norma, Kieran and Jill and maybe I'll jump in the kitchen and cook a vegetable soup.

Oh, and I need a shower.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The note I woke up to.


I made breakfast for us. You can obviously eat it way before I do..

I love you so much. It took me until 4:30am but it was totally worth it. Smells so yummy, I just wanna eat it now... sorry I used your Zucchini.

Hope we get to do NOTHING... or at least whatever we want to do today.

I'm so in love with you... lord knows why... keep crashing your car... you don't do anal... you insist on keeping that fucking dresser thing... oh the list could go on... but it won't... because right now...

... I think you rock.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stormy outside, rad inside.

Totally rad. I just arrived home from Jess' birthday dinner at the Cinnamon Club. I was stoked just to be invited. It turned out to be a lovely night - those girls are all so friendly. I dropped them in The Bridge so they could par-tay on and I've just arrived home and slipped into my PApjs.

It has been a whopper of a week. I've been out for dinner and shenanigans ev-ree night and I'm totally shagged. I originally thought I'd have a night or two off this week (watching the dashing Mark Harmon fight crime in NCIS), but it just so happened that people (Kestin) called me and wanted to hang out. And they were offers I couldn't refuse. So here I am: knackered after a full week of socialising, but on the whole I think I'm feeling less flat than last week. I'm coming good.

Last night we went to see Kieran, Sharn and Jase play as the Rough Housers at Deville's Pad. It was K-I-L-L-E-R. The boyz rocked super hard and Court and I danced all night. I really hope it becomes a regular gig because then I can go and shake my sweet thang there every week. Ooh, so funky mama.

Tomorrow is strictly a stay-at-home day. I have to cook up some beautiful fresh vegetables and do some washing. But if someone calls up to chill, what's a girl to do? It's funny, because I LOVE spending time on my own. I break out into a sweat at the thought of having to socialise with someone I'm not extremely close with. The social thing doesn't come naturally to me and I find it really difficult. But I've enjoyed it so much this week. I think everyone has lifted me from my funk.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday terrific

I'm feeling a bit flat lately. I'm not sure what it is really. Am I in need of holidays? The golden two weeks off are less than three weeks away. Is it work? Is it people? Is it me? I don't know. I know that certain people tend to piss me off. I also know that I love most of the people I'm working with. I'm not feeling Passiona about the work itself at the moment, but that could just be a phase.

I had the best sleep airrrr-verrrrr last night. My alarm went off and I had know idea what it was. It took me a couple of beeps to turn it off. Usually I'm on top of that thing the second it ticks over.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nerdy nerd nerd and the past three weeks.

I've become a bit of a nerd. Is this blog nerdy? Maybe not, because I talk about shopping and shopping is cool. But now I'm also tweeting (?) on Twitter and I have a new iPhone. Oh, when will it ever end?

I'm not ashamed though - the iPhone is totally rad. My old phone was a piece o' shiz, really annoying. Now I'm all sleek and business-like with an iPhone. I just need a sleek, glamorous job to go with it. I'll say it here, for the record, I won't be calling it my 'iPhone' from now on. For now it has become my 'mobile', my 'phone', my 'cell' (if I'm trying to be American - which I may not, because my accent licks balls).

The past few weeks have been strange ones. Court's been doing his nut with the new album - working super hard. It sounds wonderful and I can't wait for it to be in cd cases on shelves. Or flying off the shelves...! Ahh, see what I did there? I'm so witty. Anyhoo, I didn't really hear anything between demo phase and everything being mixed, so I was absolutely blown away with how it all ended up. I've had the same favourite song on that record for yonks and it's still my favourite, but I'm fast falling in love with the others. Especially Salvation Jane ---- killer. Court got Bleu over here to mix it all and I think that was the most intense bit ever. I can't imagine sitting in a room for up to 14 hours a day, having someone scrutinise every tiny thing you've recorded. AND all of it is from your head/heart/stomach/whatever. I think I would have lost all my hair.

So, Bleu worked super freaking hard for a couple of weeks and probably missed home more than ever. Then he left and my sis came to stay for a few days and now we're back to normal. I think. It's all feeling a little weird right now. But it's the weekend, I have some cooking to do for lunches next week and I have some fresh organic ve-G-tables waiting in the fridge. Things are looking grand. Just like this photo of our weekend in York... yeah, I didn't know how I was going to tie that in either.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My sister has come to stay. She lives a three hour drive away and she's made the trek to visit us for a few days. Nice.

I always love it when she stays with us, although it does make me want to take the week off work and lounge in my pajamas watching John Hughes films with her. The best I can do is rush home at 4 o'clock.

Yesterday afternoon we went shopping in town. I hadn't been in there for a while so we spent a fair bit of time exploring new shops. Neither of us had been into Tiffany & Co, even though it's been there for a year or so. That place is lovely. I love purchasing things, but I also really enjoy looking at pretty things and dreaming that I can take one of everything home, "just put it on my credit card".

I was super happy to find that Mimco has opened a city store. I could live in there. Actually, if I had a dressing room I would like it to be a cross between Mimco and Wheels and Dollbaby. Ooh, and also with a massive wall of shoes! I would while away the hours dressing up in my finery and probably never leave the house.

It was one of those shopping trips where I saw absolutely every material thing I could ever want in my life. It was also one of those days where I had absolutely no money to spend on beautiful things. I have bittersweet feelings! Maybe I should take a notebook next time and write down everything I see? I ended up with a dress from Cue that was on sale. Kate bought it for me and I'll pay her back later.

Kate made dinner when we got home. She's a super lovely sister to have.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hmmmm.... first one.

Well... I guess this is just a bit of a test blog to see how it goes...

It's a beautifully sunny Sunday - as they seem to be lately - and I've just been pottering around. Watching tv, weeding the vegetable garden, watering both gardens, wondering what to do today. The day is already half over. I'm still in my pajamas.

I've been thinking about blogging for ages. I like the idea of keeping a diary of sorts online. But I do wonder who will read it. Obviously friends and family if I tell them about it. Who else? It doesn't really matter too much, I guess. I mean, I don't want to get all bitchy and preachy about people and things. It's more where I can put my thoughts for the day. And maybe I could ask questions and if anyone actually reads it and has a handy hint, they can reply.

I'll see how it goes....