Thursday, July 11, 2013

At the moment....

Didn't I say I'd be back on here in a few hours? Ha. Weeks is a bit more realistic. It's quiet time and I've found myself in a house with minimal dirty dishes, clean floors, a load of dirty washing (but it's raining out and the indoor racks are full of wet washing) and a husband who will cook dinner when he gets home from work. So, here I am and I thought I'd make a note of a few current things. I'm:

Watching Downton Abbey season 2, new Dexter and re-runs of Modern Family. After a long day (every day), I'm not really into watching films. I get tired pretty quickly and I like to watch something that I don't have to pay too much attention to.... Downton Abbey is about as talky and in-depth as my viewing gets at the moment.

Listening to not much really, apart from ABC local radio. I like the topics they talk about and there aren't as many incensed crazies as other talkback stations.

Loving our family, life, my friends and many, many more things. Our kids are at a wonderful stage at the moment. I mean, they're all wonderful stages, but neither of us can stop commenting on how great our kids are. Doesn't that make you sick? I know - even I hate it. I've been enjoying the little moments throughout the day, which is very satisfying. Each day as a whole is fairly unremarkable, but each little snippet is heartening.

Eating some terrible food. Terrible for me, not terrible tasting. I've been quite slack in terms of watching what I eat, but that may all change soon, so I suppose I'm having a sort of fat last hurrah.... It's delicious.

Missing exercise. I've had a few colds this year and the current one has lasted a couple of weeks. I would be running running running right now if I didn't have this ridiculous cough. I'm pretty miffed about it too, because I can feel it getting closer to October (Tough Mudder) and I'm nowhere near fit enough yet.

Looking forward to a trip down south this weekend. We're going to visit my parents for a couple of nights. It's been ages since my husband has been able to get away with us, so I'm pretty glad about this one. Sophie loves going there too, because she gets unlimited grandparent time.