Saturday, October 31, 2009

30th October 2009

I'm in sunny Broome. I've been wanting to blog for a few days, but the website is blocked on the system at work and the only internet available at the resort is in the pool area. Which is where I'm sitting now.

I don't really have anything exciteing to say. I just felt like diarising again.

I've been here for three weeks. Work is good. Weather is warm. I'm eating well and exercising nearly every day.....AND I'm not drinking. Hi, I'm Jane and I've been sober for 21 days.

So, I'm being super healthy.

I'm missing everyone more than I did last year when I was here. I'm not really sure why that is. I miss Court a WHOLE lot. But I also miss my family and my friends. I have acquaintances up here and an aunt, but I really miss having people around who know me well. Do you know what has surprised me the most with the whole 'missing people' thing? I really miss the girls at Shents. Last year, I liked the idea of being the only one in the school who did my job - I felt like more of an expert in my field. This time around I REALLY miss the morning and afternoon chats and the 'debriefing'. I love being able to vent to people who understand my work.

I’m much less socially active up here. I think it is probably a good thing. We go out so much in Perth and some weeks I barely have time to scratch myself. Here, I may have one or two social outings a week, and that’s a busy one. It feels good to take the time to unwind. Tonight I’m going to a barbie at a friend’s place and tomorrow night I’m going for an early dinner and then to see some local theatre with Kirsty…..look out, weekend, here I come…

As a result of having less people to entertain me, I’ve been writing lists and trying to organize some things. Christmas, for one. I’ve written a list of people we have to buy presents for. I just need to think of what to get them, and then I’ll write that down too. My sister and I have also decided to hold a Girls’ Night In in February, so I’ve started taking down ideas for that. I have quite a few so far.

I think I’m focusing more on aspects of my life. I mean, I’ve only been here three weeks, but I’m thinking more about myself as a person and the sort of person I want to be.

I’m terrible at saving money. I know it. My mum knows it. Court knows it. We talked about it the other day and now I’m really making an effort to hold on to it. I only got paid yesterday, but if I can stop being so spendy, I might have some cash to show for it at the end of the fortnight. To help myself, I’ve made a little poster and stuck it on the fridge. It says: All you need is love. So every time I feel the need to buy something, I can look at it and realize that I have everything I need. Basically, I need to stop being so materialistic.

As well as trying to save, I’m also thinking about what sort of work I might like to do when I’m finished with interpreting. I have a rough idea of something, but it isn’t really its own job (I don’t think) and it sure wouldn’t pay much. I like the idea of working backstage in a theatre. So maybe ‘backstage crew’ is what I’m after? I don’t know. I like the idea of organizing stuff on the night of a performance and making sure everything and everyone are in their places. But I don’t want to be as responsible as a stage manager….more of a general helper…..I’ll have a bit more of a think…

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