Sunday, July 19, 2009

14 degrees tomorrow - fo' shiz y'all?!

Last day of holidayzzzz. It's been a meandering one. Lunch at pub. Washing in machine now. I should tidy up my side of the bedroom a bit, decide what I'm going to wear tomorrow....

I'm looking forward to seeing the girls from work again. I've missed Kelsey while she's been in Syd-oh-ney and I always like to see Jacq. I thought I would be a bit more eager for term 3, but I'm not. What is with this funk?

I've found something that may or may not help me save money. Websites with beautiful shoes, bags and jewellery. I like looking at things I would like to buy, but am not allowed to. I'll see how it works out for me in the long one. It might just make me a cranky old maid.

Along with the abstaining from spending, I have created my own alcohol ban. I was particularly pickled on Friday night, which led to a tender Saturday on the couch in front of the telly. It was a waste of a day and my body was really unhappy with me. It made me think about what I should be fuelling myself with and what I react well to. I think my body and I may have become friends again, but only because I've promised to start putting stuff in that it likes. I think my body prefers fresh fruit and veg, the odd bit of seafood and a whole lot less red meat. This is not to say I'm going to become a strict vegaquarian-and-soft-drinks girl, but it is high time I grew up and started eating freshness that doesn't bloat me or make me feel gross.

There's going to be an early night for me, so I don't fall asleep during very important professional development seminars tomorrow. I'm not being sarcastic - they're quite important and I always seem to get super sleepy and HUNGRY during them. I usually take food in with me to quell the loud stomach monster that comes alive two hours after I've had breakfast. I generally like PD days if it's an interesting PD. Especially because I don't have to wear freaking black. It's the one work day I get to wear jeans and a rock t-shirt.

Actually, jeans and a rock t-shirt make any day good. I wish I could change our uniform to that. Christmas bonuses to people with really rad shirts. Like Aerosmith. Ooh, I want an Aerosmith t-shirt now.

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