Sunday, August 29, 2010

My garden calls shenanigans

It's not as sunny as I would like a Sunday morning to be, but it has blue sky so it has promise. It's nice and quiet.

According to the title of my blog, I'm a fan of spending hours in my garden. According to my garden, I'm a big fat liar.

It's all overgrown with horrible weeds at the moment. I haven't set foot out there in a good few weeks.....or months....

So, today. The one day when I'm really feeling positive about getting out there and getting my hands dirty and possibly planting some spring vegetables.

It's not going to happen because I have to go to a wedding. I love weddings. I've said it before. However. This is the wedding of two people I've never met. I'm invited because my husband is singing a song for them.

Today is the one day when I'd prefer to be at home than at a wedding. I shocked myself just typing that.

...also, I feel like a fatty fat-fat and I have to find something to wear and look decent and I can't have a couple of glasses of champagne to get a buzz on...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Saturday morning

This morning I slept until 9. That's pretty crazy for me. My sleep-ins are good when I wake at 7.30. As soon as I woke, our baby started hammering away in my ute. Going nuts! I pulled up my t-shirt to have a look and my belly was moving this way and that. It's a super nice feeling. I think it was hungry (we have so much in common!), so we ate and now we're enjoying a coffee before heading off to do Saturdayish things.

On today's to-do?

1. Voting
2. Kmart for some maternity wear
3. Post office
4. Exercise with my new pelvic floor workout DVD
5. Clean house

....and if I still have energy

6. Hang with best-friend-Kes tonight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kransky at the market

One of the best things about Saturday morning is the farmers market in Bentley. Heaps of food stalls supplying breakfast and coffee for the masses, farm-fresh fruit and veg, preserves, potted plants, cheese and a raffle to raise money for the Old Boys at Clontarf.

My best-friend-Kes and I are heading there this morning for a kransky in a bun at the German food stand. I love their huge frying pan and the smells that emanate from within it. Kes wants to try the potato spiral on a stick. It looks like one long swirly potato chip. Last time I gorged on an almond croissant, a curry puff and a freshly squeezed juice.

I sound like the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reading my friend Rhona's blog this morning made me realise that I've been blazy (blog-lazy). Six weeks since I last wrote something. The thing is, I don't feel like I have anything to say. Anything interesting.

It is a beautiful Sunday today. Full of promise at 9am, plenty for me to do. I'll probably still be sitting here at 11, dreaming of a sunny picnic with champagne, pink-iced cupcakes and a cheeseboard.

Here are some pregnancy things that I find sort of interesting. You probably won't, but someone told me I should be keeping a diary about my pregnancy, so here are a couple of things I can look back on:

1. My bottom has been getting numb a whole lot quicker when I'm sitting down. I think I've only put on about three or four kilos so far, so it can't be the weight.

2. This bay-beh doesn't appreciate me slouching and squashing my belly area. It gets all handsy and footsy when its room gets downsized.

3. Not particularly interesting but I feel I should remember it for next time: Eating foods on the Listeria list makes me feel super guilty and then I end up having bad dreams. Not worth the unserene night's sleep.

That's all I have. I'm considering leaving my pajamas for a shower and doing a few loads of washing today. Maybe. If someone takes me for a picnic.