Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday morning, not 3am.

I only have a few days of holidays left. It has gone so super fast.... crazy. Most days have been spent lazing about. I haven't felt particularly proud of this and when I pointed it out to Court, he said that it's the only time I get to do it so I should enjoy it. I guess that's true, but I did have high hopes for fun projects these holidays and I haven't done anything.

Also, I'm trying really hard to save money and being the insane spender that I am, I'm terrified to leave the house and go anywhere near some shops in case my hand hijacks my purse and empties its contents. I didn't even window shop for shoes yesterday at Karrinyup because I was worried I would see a pair I love. I'm sure saving money must be like eating healthy food or going to the gym: once you get into the routine, it's easy. I hope it's like that, or else this whole saving exercise is going to be a drag...

Speaking of saving and spending, I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo. I'm just quietly mulling it over for a while to see if it's a phase, because I've been fairly unsettled with work and whatnot lately and it could just be a seachange frame-o-mind I'm in. I've been pondering it for about four or five weeks now and I'll leave it for a few more months before I see where my head's at..... and I'm saving anyway, so I shouldn't be spending on non-essentials. It could just be an indication of my brain at the moment, but where most people tend to think of tattooing as something that is permanent and therefore you should think about how you're going to look as an old codger with a barbed wire armband etc, I think more along the lines of life not being as long and tedious as we may think so you should go out and experience things and worry about more important issues than your wrinkly, old tattooed bits....

Is it just me being a fucking hippy or is that an okay way of thinking?

Other things: my little sis got into nursing at uni. Go Miss Kate! I'm really happy for her and for the nursing profession, because I don't know anyone better suited to being a nurse. She's the most caring, thoughtful person I know. Actually, she's on par with my husband. But he gets erked by blood and stuff, so she will definitely be a better nurse.

And while I'm on the topic of my sister, I might just briefly mention my trip down south last week. I went for a few nights to say hi to ma and pa and Kate. On the last night, Kate had her usual Tuesday night dinner at a friend's place and she took me along. They wined me and dined me and were so welcoming, even though Heather had flown from Darwin to Perth and driven from Perth to Dunsborough that day AND with her baby too. She's lucky to have such wonderful mates and I was lucky to experience their loveliness.

Jobs for today: shower, washing, make a roast pumpkin salad for dinner tonight. It's going to be a grand day because this list is easy and the weather is wonderful.

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