Saturday, January 23, 2010


I love mornings SO much. Morning is definitely my favourite time of day. All my friends are night owls and they call me a nanna when I go to bed hours before they do.

I don't mind. I love waking early, when the day is fresh and cool. Everything is quiet.

This morning I drove to the Subi farmers' market. I fell in love with it last Saturday and decided that I'd have to make the drive again this week. I filled my bag with fruit, veg, a vegetarian quiche for dinner and almond croissants for breakfast. Then I bought a coffee for the drive home.

I wanted to stay and sit under the tree to drink my coffee and eat my croissant, but I was by myself and I would have preferred the company of a friend.

These feelings prompted a long daydream of living in Subiaco with all my friends and family living nearby, and we'd meet each week at the markets to sit under the tree and drink coffee, eat breakfast calzones or croissants and discuss the week that had just been.

I was thinking about that for the whole drive home, whilst I was sipping my (really well made) coffee and singing along with Panic At The Disco.

Now I'm sitting in the backyard, enjoying the morning sounds, sneaking peeks at my cat snoozing in the garden bed and writing this blog.

Mornings are the best.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Things I'm happy about today:

Sleeping well last night.

Planting a roma tomato bush upside down.

Court coming home from Esperance.

Going to the outdoor cinema tonight to see (500) Days of Summer with a friend I haven't seen in months.

Eating delicious leftovers.

My garden looking greener.


I've been a fair bit unmotivated in the exercise department recently. It's really hard to get outside and be active when the temperature is up around 38/39/40 every day. I chose a couple of cooler days last week to get into the garden. I was super glad to be cleaning it up and making it look nice.

I think I'm looking forward to holidays being over and me being back at work so I can exercise in the early morn when it's cool, or in the evening when I've finished work.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook bra colour debacle.

The Facebook status bra colour schtick was a new low in faux advocacy.

That was tweeted by someone I follow. I agree. I voiced my opinion to the person who forwarded the bra colour thing to me on Facebook and they weren't happy about it.

In fact, I called the whole thing 'retarded'. That was a very lazy word choice I made. I should have thought for another few seconds and come up with something a bit more mature.

Aside from the poor word choice, I'm feeling bad for expressing my opinion. Is it because I was a little bit smug in mentioning my own fund-raiser when responding to the person who was flabbergasted by me calling their 'efforts' retarded? Yes. I'd say so. It's also my use of inverted commas when I talk about their efforts for breast cancer.

I'm supposed to be all about the love this year. I've been spouting love talk to everyone. But I can't even button my lip and ignore a bra colour call on Facebook. Instead, I chose to go nuts about how stupid I thought it was. That's not showing love to the person who sent it.

I feel like such a dick.

I even signed my name for the Charter for Compassion. I don't seem to be showing compassion very well though.

To sum up my thoughts right now: I should have chosen better words to express my point of view and I should have done so in a calmer manner.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm feeling motivated and inspired this morning, so I thought I'd blog about it. I may need to read it and remind myself in a few days.

This year is all about the love. Showing appreciation, gratitude and love for everything I have and for my family and friends. Love for the environment (at large and in my own home) and for the communities I am a part of. Love for my own mind and body.

If anyone reads this I'm pretty sure you'll be close to vomiting in your mouth a little.....if you do, you'll need to swallow it back down and embrace my loving words! You'll feel better for it!