Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Shop.

I want to own my own shop. I will sell secondhand things. Clothes, books, household items and maybe I'll make my own cards and sell them too.

There'll be a little garden out the back with a table and chairs where I can eat my lunch. My friends and family can drop by for a cup of tea and we'll chat while customers are browsing.

I'll have complimentary tea and Court's choc chip cookies for weary shoppers, which they can enjoy in the garden. In the summertime I will serve iced tea.

I'll play whatever music I like inside and I'll wear whatever I feel like wearing. I might have themed dress up days to make it more interesting.

My wares won't be overpriced. People will look at the prices and say, "Goodness me! Buying secondhand is a great thing!".

I'll need a good name and location for my shop. Maybe I'll call it 'Hot Tamale', after my favourite nail polish. And location? I'm not sure yet. Somewhere nice, but not too bustling.

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