Sunday, September 20, 2009

I can't find no photos, y'all.

The time between these posts is going to keep lengthening, I'm thinking. But I guess if I write whenever I feel like it, then that's enough. I've just made a fresh coffee and it's 8.20 on a grey Sunday morn.....I'm ready to get my typing fingers on.

It's been a busy few weeks. That's kind of a dumb way to start, because when is it not busy? Anyway, the end of term at the end of this week will bring two glorious weeks of sleeping in and pottering around the garden. We're hoping to head down to Yalls for a few days in the first week. The second week will be hanging at home with family and friends before I head off to sunny Broome for ten weeks.

Yes.........back to Broome. Things I'm looking forward to: the weather, seeing my friends up there, the job and saving money. Things I'm a whole lot less keen on: spending 10 weeks away from Court, missing his 30th, missing my Perth buddies and missing my favourite ladies at Shents.

So it's gonna be interesting. It always takes me a week or two to settle back into living alone. I have grand plans for becoming very well read and saving lots of money in term 4. We'll see how that pans out. The money thing worries me, because Christmas is always a blow-out. It doesn't matter how good my intentions are - I always seem to spend too much. I would love to have Christmas as an intangible-gift-giving day. Give laughter, hope, love and if you have to give something more tangible, then maybe a home-cooked meal or a bottle of your favourite wine to share. That would be my ideal Christmas. Ten year old me would fucking hate the idea.....

And now for something completely different: I can't wait for the Beyonce concert this week. I can finally let my inner black run free with lots of, "girl", "mm-hmm", "oh nigga please" and "true dat". I might also throw in a "no shame" or two to give it more of an Australian feel. I'm going with Kate and Kes and we've got a strict hoochie mama dress code. At the very least, bling must be present. I love the idea of cocktails and food pre-show, but money is tight so it might have to be a beer and Vegemite sandwich before we leave home.

I was going to end this post with a nice photo, but I can't find any. So this is my super smooth sign off.

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