Friday, October 29, 2010

Stuff we haven't done

There are a few things. We still have eight (ish) weeks, but I think the common thing is to have everything ready to go in about four to six weeks.

Our baby's room is still a spare room. We were going to paint it.

I haven't sold the dresser that should be vacating that room. I haven't done a lot of other things.

We're going to be busy.

I was given the week off work by the doctor and by my lovely colleagues. Last night I felt that I'm finally starting to come good, so next week I'll be back at work, thanking everyone for covering me - in particular, the poor person that had to do the class in which my student was giving a speech.

I get so blue when I'm sick, but I absolutely love the 'getting better' feeling. It fills me with positivity, even though my nose is still a bit snotty and I still have a hacking cough.

Yesterday I found the baby sling I want online AND I found someone selling a brand new one on eBay for less than half the price. I never have that sort of eBay luck! It has about three days to go and I hope no one else has their eye on it as well.

I also found a most beautiful nappy bag. It's totally extravagant and over the top and has a price to match. $190. None on eBay unfortunately. That's it up there. Pretty, right?

It's funny. As much as I covet that bag and many other pretty and pricey things, I do have a strong, conscious sense of being less materialistic than usual. I know I'll have to be in the coming months and perhaps that's why I'm losing it now. I feel that as long as we can provide basic needs for ourselves and our child, we'll be okay.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another effing cold? Fo shiz, body?

I don't like whingers and I don't like whinging, but I'm pretty pissed off with my body at the moment.

I'm getting sick again. AGAIN. What the eff?! This one feels chesty.

Should I cut my body some slack? It is doing an exceptional baby-growing job, after all. Okay, body, you're forgiven. I'll shower you with nothing but love (and warm soapy water) this weekend and hopefully you'll come good.

Aside from that, life is good. We have nine weeks to go until our baby gets ready to move out of my ute and into our house. I'm feeling good - not tired yet - and still coping fine with work.

We've had two antenatal classes so far. I've found both of them really informative and reassuring. I appreciate how experienced the midwives are. And they all seem to be English. Weird. We watched a video of a lady giving birth this week. It was strange because it was from the Netherlands, so English was overdubbed. It was also a little bit gross. Just a little bit. Mostly it was quite nice.