Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nerdy nerd nerd and the past three weeks.

I've become a bit of a nerd. Is this blog nerdy? Maybe not, because I talk about shopping and shopping is cool. But now I'm also tweeting (?) on Twitter and I have a new iPhone. Oh, when will it ever end?

I'm not ashamed though - the iPhone is totally rad. My old phone was a piece o' shiz, really annoying. Now I'm all sleek and business-like with an iPhone. I just need a sleek, glamorous job to go with it. I'll say it here, for the record, I won't be calling it my 'iPhone' from now on. For now it has become my 'mobile', my 'phone', my 'cell' (if I'm trying to be American - which I may not, because my accent licks balls).

The past few weeks have been strange ones. Court's been doing his nut with the new album - working super hard. It sounds wonderful and I can't wait for it to be in cd cases on shelves. Or flying off the shelves...! Ahh, see what I did there? I'm so witty. Anyhoo, I didn't really hear anything between demo phase and everything being mixed, so I was absolutely blown away with how it all ended up. I've had the same favourite song on that record for yonks and it's still my favourite, but I'm fast falling in love with the others. Especially Salvation Jane ---- killer. Court got Bleu over here to mix it all and I think that was the most intense bit ever. I can't imagine sitting in a room for up to 14 hours a day, having someone scrutinise every tiny thing you've recorded. AND all of it is from your head/heart/stomach/whatever. I think I would have lost all my hair.

So, Bleu worked super freaking hard for a couple of weeks and probably missed home more than ever. Then he left and my sis came to stay for a few days and now we're back to normal. I think. It's all feeling a little weird right now. But it's the weekend, I have some cooking to do for lunches next week and I have some fresh organic ve-G-tables waiting in the fridge. Things are looking grand. Just like this photo of our weekend in York... yeah, I didn't know how I was going to tie that in either.


  1. Third one in baby, and I think you've got the swing. I love your words... as much as I love Jam and cream finger doughnuts.

  2. Lucky little iPhone-owning lady! In Australia do people just refer to it as their "phone" or your "mobile"? If so, I'll start doing this to seem a little more cultured here in America :)

    My pal was studying abroad in Germany for several months, and discovered that Germans think Americans call their cell phones "handies". Apparently Germans think this is a pretty rad phrase, and try to use it around Americans. It makes me laugh because I've never heard anyone in the US refer to their phone as their "handy". :) But, I think the effort on their part is very, very sweet.

  3. Hahaha, yeah we call it a 'mobile' or 'phone' or 'mobile phone' if you're feeling swanky.

    'Handies' sounds so bizarre.... We use that to refer to something a whole lot ruder than mobiles... When I first read your comment I had a bit of a giggle, I must confess!

    we just had a guy over here from LA and it was really weird to see the cultural differences. I thought Australia and America were a lot more similar. I mean, they weren't huge differences, but just strange little things that I never considered before. Like entrees... here that means your starter, but apparently there it means your main meal..?! Hehehe :)