Saturday, July 4, 2009

first day of holidays

Because I work in a school, I only ever have ten weeks of work between holidays. I do remind myself how lucky I am and I think I could go longer without a break if I had to - everyone else seems to do it in their office jobs. However, I have come to the realisaton that I get awful cranky towards the end of the ten weeks. I BARELY lasted the whole ten this time.

We went and saw Simon & Garfunkel the other night with a select few from our family and I'd been looking forward to it for so long. It was a truly wonderful evening, but I just felt so tired and rundown. All I wanted was to be tucked up in bed.

And so, I'm sorry to my lovely family and friends. I'm glad y'all still put up with me.

I've woken up this morning to the first day of a two week break. There's a sun muted by clouds outside and I'm sitting in my pjs writing a much overdue blog because there is nothing good to watch on Lifestyle Food. I'm not a Masterchef fan.

Court is fast asleep, but I can smell that he was hard at work last night: there is a slow cooker full of ribs bubbling away on the kitchen counter. I am excited about lunch! Court seems to have a renewed interest in cooking, which fills my heart with joy. Last night we made pizzas together. He made the dough and it was the best pizza base in the entire world - crispy AND soft.

I sort of coerced Court, Kestin and Shaun into entering an audition tape for a family cooking competition show. I got a call yesterday to say that we're in the WA final audition. I think I was the only excited person in our team. The audition is next Saturday in the middle of a shopping centre and if we get through that I think we go into the national competition in Sydney. I think it will be lots of fun - I love cooking with these people - but the others seem a bit apprehensive.

Soooo.....plans for these holidays?

I thought about going to Yalls to visit the mama and the papa and the lovely Kate, but I'm feeling like I may need to chill out at home and potter around here. The vegetable garden is coming along (we used some spinach on the pizzas last night) and I'd like to spend some time in it, doing some weeding and contemplating. Maybe I'll plant some of the deliciously spicy salad leaves that Kestin has.

Immediate plans are ribs for lunch with Court and Dan (they had a sleepover last night), breakfast tomorrow with Kim and Norma, Kieran and Jill and maybe I'll jump in the kitchen and cook a vegetable soup.

Oh, and I need a shower.

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