Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things that happened this week.

It's been a while (Chad Kroeger style) since I blogged. I lose track of time and then I'll wake up one sunny Saturday morn and decide it's a good time to do it because the house is still asleep. By the way, 'the house' isn't a nickname for Court - I just mean that all is quiet.

Here's what happened this week:

1. Bleu's 'A Watched Pot' FINALLY arrived. Well, it arrived last week, but I had a good long listen to it on my travels to and from work this week. Hoo boy. It's a keeper. I love it more every time I listen to it. The attention to detail really is incredible and I keep hearing new bits.

2. My new positive zen-like hippy attitude FINALLY arrived. I've been telling myself in the car each morning that I will spread the love, be the love, receive the love and be positive to everyone I see. It's sort of working. Maybe I shouldn't say 'receive the love' though, because it sounds pretty gay.

3. My MJ t-shirt FINALLY arrived. It's every bit as beautiful as I imagined.....and also too big. So I gave it to Kes and it fits her perfectly. See? Spreading the love already. I ordered a new MJ t-shirt from Threadless, where I know what size I am.

4. Court gave me two (2!) Aerosmith t-shirts in return for me promising to clean up my side of the bedroom this weekend. It's too hard to resist a bribe of that stature, so I'll be Sadie-ing up my side today and tomorrow.

5. Herbie the tigerkittenkat passed away. Very sad.

6. John Hughes the super writer/director of my favourite films in high school - even though I wasn't in high school in the 80s - passed away. I still wish 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' was real life and I lived there.

7. Court and I went to The George last night and bumped into Pauly. Or is it Pauley? I don't know how to spell it. I could just say Paul, but it sounds too formal and I'm saving that for his wedding day on the 30th. It was great to see him and catch up on what's happening. He is the loveliest person and I'm excited that I get to see him and Zabrina get hitched.

8. I bought tickets to Gomez. It'll be at the Fly By Night (one of my favourite venues - everyone is so friendly there) and we're going with Kieran and Jill.

And that concludes my week o' thingz.

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  1. nice one poppet! I liked this blog and when I'm there I'm going to steal the Bleu cd and have a good listen. then buy myself a copy with that crackin' tax return i just got...oh yeah. and i'm excited to see you in this new hippie state of mind and spreading the love. oo er. xx love you