Monday, February 1, 2010

back to work

Six weeks of holidays was starting to feel like too much. I was being so lazy: waking up late, watching tv for hours and hours, not doing anything around the house. I enjoyed spending time with friends and family whenever I wanted and I enjoyed visiting my sister in Yallingup. But I have missed the sense of accomplishment I get from spending a day at work.

I never thought I would feel that way, but it makes sense with the type of person I am. I’m a procrastinator. Actually, that’s probably why I work in a job where I have to be in certain places at certain times. The timetable forces me to work.

Tomorrow is the first school day of 2010. I have to admit that I really do love the first week back. I love seeing all the tiny, new year 8s and it’s amazing to see how much the other kids have grown during the holidays. I like the freshness of the first week. My brain and arms grow weary because each class consists of the teacher explaining the course for the year, but it’s a good way to get back into it after six sign-free weeks.

Sooooo……today. The weather is beautiful: sunny, with a cool breeze. I want to go and get a new travel mug from The Good Store and I’m going to bake cupcakes to take to work tomorrow for morning tea.

It’s funny how it seems that I’ve spent years rejecting the idea of being good friends with the people I work with. I’ve really kept them separate from my ‘real’ friends. “They’re just my colleagues”. But in the past six months or so, I’ve started to embrace the idea of them being some of the closest friends I have. We don’t spend weekends together. I see them once every holiday break. We spend seven hours a day, five days a week, forty weeks a year together. That’s a fair amount of time. We discuss a lot of different things. They’re the only people that truly understand my job – which seems to mean a lot. I’m not sure why. I think that for us to have our job in common is more important than it is in other lines of work. Perhaps. It seems to be a stronger bond.

I also have to take my nail polish off today.

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