Sunday, February 7, 2010

my weekend brings all the boys to the yard...

Yesterday was super great.

I woke up with no plans. By lunch time, I had decided to go and do Jacob's Ladder in Kings Park with my great-mate-Kate. We went down and up three times and then walked through the park for forty minutes or so. A suggestion from Court turned into a late lunch high tea at the Duxton with Kate, after which we joined Court and Sean at the cricket. Then we had fabulous risotto at Kieran & Jill's.

Today.....well, I'd like to go for a walk or a run. The band is filling in for another group at my favourite venue and time --- park in the western suburbs at sunset --- THIS MEANS PICNIC. I love picnics a whole bunch. So that's where I'll be come 5 o'clock. Seven hours until I'm there... maybe I'll make some picnic food today...

This morning has been spent hunting down new music to listen to. I was after something poppy and I'm right into Fountains of Wayne at the mo, so I checked out similar artists on AMG. I listened to a LOT. None of it really floated my boat.

I finally admitted to it being a fruitless hunt and listened to The Wellingtons on their myspace page. Maybe it was fruitful, because I think that was the sound I was looking for today: sticky sweet and poppy. Oooooh I gotta buy the album.

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