Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where I really should be in the shower. I am ever so sluggish this morning. It must have been the wine I had last night. Drinking the night before always makes it harder to get up in the morning.

This is my third week back at work. It lost its shine pretty quickly. I've been a bit cranky this week and I'm determined to change that today. I feel the funk lifting. I've been busy busy busy since being back at school. I'm trying to save as much money as possible for our holiday, so I've put my name at the top of the list to tackle all the interpreting outside of school hours.

Basically, I'll be attending a whole lotta disco cruises. The music is truly terrible on these things. I've thought about taking my iPod, but my job is to listen....and not to the glorious tunes I've downloaded. Sometimes I go and request tunes from the DJ. Often I'll ask him to play Come On Eileen just to confuse the kids. Most of the DJs they hire don't have it, but some do.

That said, it is an easy way to make money. I basically sit there and chat to my interpreter friend for three hours. If I'm lucky I also get a free can of soft drink.

Yeah, you all want my job now, right? Free soft drink? Bring. It. On.

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