Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slackety Slack

I've been slack in blogging. It's one of the many things I say I'll do once the baby goes down for a nap, but more often than not I spend that time doing nothing in particular on the computer.

Yes, now I have the perfect excuse for not doing something. "I have a baby", I tell myself, "I can't possibly do some exercise or clean the house". For now we live in squalor and my belly gets a wee bit pudgier every day.

I'm really getting used to this 'stay at home mama' thing. The 'meeting up with friends for coffee and cake' part is probably my favourite (see pudgy belly above), but I also love the late afternoon when Sophie and I are waiting until 6 to start the bath/bottle/bed routine. She's usually overtired, so we lie on my bed and play and she giggles a whole bunch - she giggles the most when she's knackered.

That's my little update for now. I'll try and get back here sooner.

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