Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coffeeandcake Club

Do you know what I'm enjoying about motherhood?

Many things! But one of the top ones (obviously apart from the adorability of my daughter - I'm not that selfish, you guys!) is mothers group.

I'm not a very social, good-at-chit-chat kind of lady. My face goes red and my knees go weak in pretty much any social situation, so I'm surprised that I'm loving this side of things.

I'm part of two mothers groups. One is a community one and the other is organised by a friend who wanted to get together regularly with mums she knew. Initially I had to force myself to go. I came up with heaps of excuses as to why I would be better off at home on a particular morning, but I always told myself to stop being silly and to get Soph and myself into the car.

Just this week I've started to feel really comfortable with both - yes, it's taken me four months of seeing these people weekly....

I think I knew that when we had Sophie I would break away a bit from my other groups of friends, not to mention no longer spending forty hours a week with the girls at work. But I tried not to think about that side of things. I didn't really want to make new friends (because I'm terrible at it - see above), but I knew I would be keen for people who were experiencing the same things as me.

And that's what I've found. A couple of groups of women who are friendly, open-minded and have some really great advice.

Also, there is always food. You know how I feel about cake.

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