Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Six months old yesterday

My girl had her six month birthday yesterday. Very exciting for me and her father - a whole bunch less exciting for her. This is really the best age we've had with her: her personality is starting to show, she's becoming more vocal (attracting more "shhh"s from her father in public places!) and she's getting stuck into solid food. She loves the fruit - not so much the savoury stuff. AND MY GOODNESS IS SHE CUTE. Adorbz.

To celebrate her half birthday, we turned her car seat around. This can be done at 8 kgs or 6 months old, but I think it's better if you do it at the later stage of the two. She's 9.3 kgs now, so we've been pretty patient! She loves being able to see us easily in the car. I love it too - I keep turning around to make faces at her.

I did a terrible thing to her last night. By accident, of course. I dropped her while I was putting her in her high-chair for dinner. On the hard kitchen floor. She landed on her side and banged her head hard. And then we both started crying. She was in such shock and had a hard time calming down and I felt so incredibly guilty. I'm supposed to be one of two people who will always try to protect her and make her feel safe and then I also became the one who gave her the shock of her young life and probably the most pain she's known so far.

She had a huge lump on the side of her head and she eventually calmed down, but would cry every now and then. We took her to the hospital and the doctor said she would be okay and gave her some Nurofen. She slept well when she eventually got to bed. I ate a whole pizza in an attempt to feel better. It really didn't work.

Two things made me feel a bit better. Time and googling 'dropped my baby'. It turns out that lots of people have done similar things and considerably worse and their kids have turned out alright.

I still feel nervous though.

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  1. Poor Soph, and poor you! You're right though; it's one of those things that happens, and even though it'll never be okay emotionally for you when it does happen, kids are physically pretty resilient (and emotionally too, most of the time!). And lots tougher than they look.

    When Mark was only two he poured an entire kettle of boiling water over himself and lost a layer of skin because Mum wasn't being careful enough, and he choked on an apple because Mum and Dad were allowing him to eat it while he had a crying tantrum. Oh, and he split his head open jumping on the springs of a bed frame, which I'm sure they could have prevented too. There were probably other things too... god damn he was accident-prone. Anyway, he turned out okay. Well, mostly. ;)