Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another effing cold? Fo shiz, body?

I don't like whingers and I don't like whinging, but I'm pretty pissed off with my body at the moment.

I'm getting sick again. AGAIN. What the eff?! This one feels chesty.

Should I cut my body some slack? It is doing an exceptional baby-growing job, after all. Okay, body, you're forgiven. I'll shower you with nothing but love (and warm soapy water) this weekend and hopefully you'll come good.

Aside from that, life is good. We have nine weeks to go until our baby gets ready to move out of my ute and into our house. I'm feeling good - not tired yet - and still coping fine with work.

We've had two antenatal classes so far. I've found both of them really informative and reassuring. I appreciate how experienced the midwives are. And they all seem to be English. Weird. We watched a video of a lady giving birth this week. It was strange because it was from the Netherlands, so English was overdubbed. It was also a little bit gross. Just a little bit. Mostly it was quite nice.

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  1. You're entitled to a whinge; I've spent the last five months whinging about getting sick since I started working with snotty dirty kids. Hopefully that'll all change from next week with my new job.

    Has Australia never made a childbirth video? Why use a foreign one? So you can't understand the mother's rampant swearing?

    Oh, and I forgot about the other weekend too. Only I don't have baby-brain as an excuse. Xx