Friday, October 29, 2010

I was given the week off work by the doctor and by my lovely colleagues. Last night I felt that I'm finally starting to come good, so next week I'll be back at work, thanking everyone for covering me - in particular, the poor person that had to do the class in which my student was giving a speech.

I get so blue when I'm sick, but I absolutely love the 'getting better' feeling. It fills me with positivity, even though my nose is still a bit snotty and I still have a hacking cough.

Yesterday I found the baby sling I want online AND I found someone selling a brand new one on eBay for less than half the price. I never have that sort of eBay luck! It has about three days to go and I hope no one else has their eye on it as well.

I also found a most beautiful nappy bag. It's totally extravagant and over the top and has a price to match. $190. None on eBay unfortunately. That's it up there. Pretty, right?

It's funny. As much as I covet that bag and many other pretty and pricey things, I do have a strong, conscious sense of being less materialistic than usual. I know I'll have to be in the coming months and perhaps that's why I'm losing it now. I feel that as long as we can provide basic needs for ourselves and our child, we'll be okay.

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