Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Saturday morning

This morning I slept until 9. That's pretty crazy for me. My sleep-ins are good when I wake at 7.30. As soon as I woke, our baby started hammering away in my ute. Going nuts! I pulled up my t-shirt to have a look and my belly was moving this way and that. It's a super nice feeling. I think it was hungry (we have so much in common!), so we ate and now we're enjoying a coffee before heading off to do Saturdayish things.

On today's to-do?

1. Voting
2. Kmart for some maternity wear
3. Post office
4. Exercise with my new pelvic floor workout DVD
5. Clean house

....and if I still have energy

6. Hang with best-friend-Kes tonight.

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