Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Things I'm happy about today:

Sleeping well last night.

Planting a roma tomato bush upside down.

Court coming home from Esperance.

Going to the outdoor cinema tonight to see (500) Days of Summer with a friend I haven't seen in months.

Eating delicious leftovers.

My garden looking greener.


I've been a fair bit unmotivated in the exercise department recently. It's really hard to get outside and be active when the temperature is up around 38/39/40 every day. I chose a couple of cooler days last week to get into the garden. I was super glad to be cleaning it up and making it look nice.

I think I'm looking forward to holidays being over and me being back at work so I can exercise in the early morn when it's cool, or in the evening when I've finished work.

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