Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook bra colour debacle.

The Facebook status bra colour schtick was a new low in faux advocacy.

That was tweeted by someone I follow. I agree. I voiced my opinion to the person who forwarded the bra colour thing to me on Facebook and they weren't happy about it.

In fact, I called the whole thing 'retarded'. That was a very lazy word choice I made. I should have thought for another few seconds and come up with something a bit more mature.

Aside from the poor word choice, I'm feeling bad for expressing my opinion. Is it because I was a little bit smug in mentioning my own fund-raiser when responding to the person who was flabbergasted by me calling their 'efforts' retarded? Yes. I'd say so. It's also my use of inverted commas when I talk about their efforts for breast cancer.

I'm supposed to be all about the love this year. I've been spouting love talk to everyone. But I can't even button my lip and ignore a bra colour call on Facebook. Instead, I chose to go nuts about how stupid I thought it was. That's not showing love to the person who sent it.

I feel like such a dick.

I even signed my name for the Charter for Compassion. I don't seem to be showing compassion very well though.

To sum up my thoughts right now: I should have chosen better words to express my point of view and I should have done so in a calmer manner.

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  1. I'm sure you were only a bit carried away because of your compassion for the cause! I think we need a lot more compassion and a lot less intolerance, so don't beat yourself up about it... that person will get over it and move on!