Friday, October 12, 2012

Here's now

Lately I've been aware of every little moment. Present. But I've also realised that I will have forgotten most of it by the following day. Or two minutes later.

My days are so busy and when I do finally get to stop and breathe, it's bed time. I've never known busy before now.

 In this entry I want to write about my life now, because I'm sure I'll forget. I want to read it and reflect in a year or so. And longer. So this is just so I can remember what things were like, because life is good. Very good. There are other things I want, but for now they are a list in the notes section of my phone - they're on hold - because I'm parenting full time for the next few years. And also we have no money. That's a situation that probably won't improve as the kids get older.

Dan is 8 and a half weeks old. He's a relaxed little boy. He smiles when he hears my voice enter the room or sees me smiling at him. The smiling thing is still new for him, so he has to work hard to get it happening. He also likes to have conversations. I don't think I had ever heard a baby actually coo before him. He's a cooer. He is starting to sleep for longer stretches at night. Last night holds the current record of 6 and a half hours. I got four and a half hours in a row, the longest in the past couple of months. Just lovely.

Sophie is nearly 22 months old. She's saying lots of words. Better stop swearing soon. I called myself a dick the other day and she repeated it. She has discovered Play School and has a love for the Hokey Pokey. She doesn't seem to enjoy sleeping in at the moment. We've had some pretty early starts, which equate to a pretty cranky toddler by mid-morning. Soph is really into climbing things and running. She runs up and down the side of the house when I'm hanging out the washing. She also LOVES going to the park. It's become a bit of a hobby of mine to find a park with a good playground that's accessible for little kids. Lately, she enjoys talking to (listening to, really) people on the phone. She always wants to call Kate or Amma.

 I have a really good group of friends in our playgroup. They're all lovely families and I feel very lucky that I have them in my life. In fact, I don't know what I'd do if I had stopped going to mothers group all those months ago. It's nice to have friends around the corner that are going through the same things as I am. I think about moving to a different suburb and for once in my life, I wouldn't care about the location as far as re-sale value goes. But I don't want to move away from my friends.

 I got the sewing machine out last night (for the first time since Dan was born) to make a start on Christmas presents. I sewed to seams and Dan woke up. I spent an hour and a half putting him back to bed and then sewed a little bit more. I didn't finish it (and it is the simplest project in the world), but it felt good to do it again.


  1. Thought I'd check for an update on a whim, and here's one fresh off the press! Glad to hear things are going well despite the lack of sleep. If you get the chance to email or text me a recent pic of Dan, that would be awesome. xx

  2. BTW, you need to insert "Son." into your profile description. ;)