Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current rambling

I read a blog post recently about feeling valued and worthwhile as a homemaker. It was pretty inspiring. I'm trying to think of it whenever I'm doing housework, so I take more pride and I consider it less of a chore and more as a part of my role. This works well when my daughter is having a good day and isn't tired and grumpy..... Tired and grumpy days are a lot more trying! It's hard to do anything when a crying toddler won't let go of your legs or let you put them down. So, there isn't really much to this post. I never know what direction to head in. I've taken up sewing. The old dining room is halfway converted into a sewing room and it will be a great space when it's finished. I really want to start making patchwork quilts (as if I wasn't old lady enough!), but I'm holding off for a couple of years until I have two kids that sleep through the night (touch wood). It's on the same list as learning the banjo. I might start small with patchwork cushion covers now....maybe.

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