Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I go through waves of blogginess. I've sat down to blog twice in the past month and each time I've stopped and thought, "What do I actually want to say?". Rather than think too much about it today, I've decided to start typing. The next couple of weeks are all weddingy here. Friends of ours had a surprise wedding reception disguised as an engagement party on Sunday just gone, my friend from mums group is getting married this weekend in Dunsborough and my brother is sealing the deal next weekend. It's a good thing I love the loved up. Sophie and I are heading south tomorrow for a few days. It's time to do those wedding cupcakes! I'm mostly worried about the baking side of things. I haven't used that oven much and I really don't want to overcook them. The decorating should work out alright as long as I take my time. I'm feeling stressed about it all, but I think that's because I need to remember to take everything down with me. So basically, my head is occupied with thoughts of weddings lately. Other things are happening? Yes, other stuff is going on too. Spring has sprung and we have glorious weather today. Summer is hinting and nudging at the edges. I've planted corn, basil and roma tomatoes. I'm starting slowly - watering every day - hoping they fruit nicely... I'm constantly in awe of how quickly this year has flown. It's nearly Christmas, nearly my daughter's first birthday. I'm less terrified of motherhood than I was six months ago.... a week ago..... yesterday, even. I'm enjoying it muchly and I'm trying to live in every moment because it's all going too fast.

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