Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet thang

I love baking. It relaxes me. It does for me what reading a book or going for a walk or watching a film does for others. I like all those things too, but baking is my go-to activity if I have a bit of free time.

With only three of us at home (one who isn't allowed to eat any baked goods yet), it is hard to eat our way through the fruits of my relaxation. I like tasting it, but I'm usually good for one or two and that's it; it's more about the process for me. I often take cakes or biscuits to family night and to mothers group.

Last week, I took a practice run of cupcakes to mothers group. They were a practice for my SIL's 40th and I had tweaked a recipe and wanted to see that it still worked out okay. Also, I hadn't quite decided on the way I was going to decorate them, so I wanted to have a play around with that. They ended up looking pretty flash and almost professional (my piping is still a little shakey).

Anyway, one of the girls at mothers group has asked me to make the cupcakes for her wedding in October! I'm beyond excited! It pleases me that someone thinks my baking is good enough for a wedding and I'm looking forward to the challenge of making these little cakes look stunning and delicious at the same time.

So..... this has got me thinking... I might like to set up a market stall once or twice and try to sell my cakes and biscuits. I know there are too many cupcake places around, but they seem to focus more on how spectacular the final product looks, while I would prefer to focus on the taste. Also, I have some good biscuit recipes that are lovely and need to be shared with cups of tea everywhere.

The more funky, boutiquey markets like to showcase wares from people who have (at the very least) decided to set up a facebook page promoting their craft. I don't want to do that just yet. I'd prefer to go to a couple of little community markets or farmers markets and see how I do there.

There are still a lot of things to nut out, though. How do I package them? Cupcakes have their own boxes, but biscuits need something similar so they don't get crushed... How much do I bake? When do I bake it? Can I use recipes that I haven't made up or is that frowned upon?

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