Saturday, April 3, 2010

need to post

I felt a need to blog today...but I'm not sure what I should talk about. I usually ramble on about everything. There are many topics that could be aired out today, so I'm going to give a brief run-down on each.

In no particular order:

1. The Subi farmers' markets are the SHIZ. Nice, lazy atmosphere, GREAT coffee and delicious edibles.

2. My sister is the raddest sister in the world. She surprised me with her presence at after work drinks on Thursday and spent a wonderful twenty-four hours with us.

3. I'm enjoying shortening words and mashing them together at the moment. It makes me sound like the uncoolest fourteen year old you know, but it is fun to do. 'Ridiculous' has become 'ridic' and 'I have clean hair' has become 'I have clair'.

4. Step Up for MS is happening in a month and I have a team of four called New Kids On The Block.....'Step By Step'....get it....yeah, I'm pretty proud of our name.

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